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Professional Real Estate Management

ELEVATE Performance Realty & Management is operating from 3 offices located in Squamish, Prince George and Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada. The company was established in 1999 and is managed by a team of professionals in the industry. ELEVATE Performance Realty & Management is an established industry leader in the British Columbia and also an active member in both the residential and commercial communities.

Our staff at ELEVATE Performance Realty & Management believe in providing exceptional customer service. We use Information Technology to make the client and property owner experience better! Real estate sales and property management services are fast growing industries and ELEVATE Performance Realty & Management attempts to set the pace from year to year while continuing to be a prominent  community member. Choose ELEVATE Performance Realty & Management for all of your realty and property management needs and enjoy the very best service.

Squamish Office


Martin Sprenkels

President/Managing Broker

Tel: 604-567-9076

Email: martin.sprenkels@prmbc.ca

Paul Sanderson

Director/Chief Financial Officer

Tel: 604-892-5954

Email: paul.sanderson@prmbc.ca

Adele Wang

Director of Finance/CPA

Tel: 604-892-5954

Email: adele.wang@prmbc.ca

Bonnie Lu

Accounting Department

Tel: 604-892-5954

Email: bonnie.lu@prmbc.ca

Andrea Griffin

Accounting Department

Tel: 604-567-4562

Email: ar@prmbc.ca

Tiffany Sprenkels

Rental Manager/Realtor

Tel: 604-567-9078

Email: tiffany.sprenkels@prmbc.ca

Peter Belostotsky


Tel: 604-848-4279 

Email: pbelostotsky@gmail.com

Anne Bright

Assistant Rental Manager

Tel: 604-892-5954

Email: anne.bright@prmbc.ca

Tiffany Koe

Accounting Assistant/Reception

Tel: 604-892-5954

Email: info@prmbc.ca

Prince George Office


Biljana Gagic

Coordinating Manager

Tel: 250-564-0022

Email: biljana@eprm.ca

Alicia Fitzpatrick

Strata/rental Manager

Tel: 250-564-0022

Email: alicia@eprm.ca

Dallas Gosse

Unlicensed Rental manager

Tel: 250-564-0022

Email: dallas@eprm.ca

Sandy Irish

Strata/Rental Manager(Cariboo)

Tel: 250-564-0022

Email: sandy@eprm.ca

Lawrence Howard

Maintenance Technician

Tel: 250-564-0022


Fort St John Office


Melissa Dalton

Office Manager/Strata Management

Tel: 250-785-2662

Email: melissa@eprm.ca

Kathy McLean

Account Receivable/Maintenance

Tel: 250-785-2662

Email: maintenance@eprm.ca

Jessica Tong-Paradis

Office Administrator/Rental Coordinator (unlicensed)

Tel: 250-785-2662

Email: reception@eprm.ca

Trevor Coulter

Maintenance Technician

Tel: 250-785-2662